Documenting Our Days | Bedtime

Bedtime is that time of day when I rarely take photos. Just the thought of putting the kids to bed makes me tired. I handed the camera over to my husband for a few shots of goodnight cuddles and I set the tripod up for the final photo.

I imagine that the last photo in years to come will bring back so many memories. After I put them in bed and try to relax for the night, there comes the inevitable “Muuuuuum!!!” I muster up some energy and see what the problem is. She is hot, she is cold, she needs a drink, it is too dark, it is too bright, she is not sleepy, her blankets aren’t right, her toenails need cutting, there is a funny noise outside, or “Oh… I forgot why I called you”. Several times every night. At the moment I feel drained getting up and down to sort things out when they should be in bed, but I know that one day there wont be any more calls from down the hallway and I will look back and miss these days.
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Documenting our Days | Dinner Time

My daughter is twelve and loves to cook which is so helpful for me. She made baked chicken breasts with a lovely crusty garlic and parmesan topping. Everyone likes this recipe of hers. She also made a potato and lentil salad but my youngest (the fusspot) didn’t think it looked tasty enough. You may notice that my kids certainly won’t win any awards for table manners!!! Continue reading

Documenting Our Days | Lunchtime

“I’m hungryyyyy….is it lunchtime yet???” Her little voice reminds me, I look at the clock. It is lunchtime already. Where did the morning go?Lunch always creeps up on me. It is that chaotic time of day when I feel like everything is out of order and crazy. In my perfect world I would love to be able to pre-prepare everyone’s lunch by myself in silence, but it just doesn’t work like that. Instead everyone congregates to fend for themselves. It is very busy and very loud. Continue reading

Documenting our Days | 10:30am

“Do you reckon there would be any in the nets yet Mum?” That same question had been asked a dozen times already.

The children were bursting with excitement. Not only was it a Saturday morning with no schoolwork, but they were at their grandparents’ house and had the whole day ahead of them. Grandpa had found the yabby nets and Grandma sacrificed some bacon from the fridge as bait. The children had already headed to the dam to get to work. They had one thing on their mind: Yabbies. It was 10:30 in the morning and the day was already hot. The flies were out in masses, the snakes had woken up and the kids hoped that the yabbies were enjoying the warm weather as well. Continue reading

Documenting Our Days | Chores

It has never been easy for me to make my kids do chores. I hate the complaining and the excuses that follow. Above all, I really struggle with the fact that I can do the job much better and more efficiently. It is so much easier to just do the task myself. Nevertheless, I have pushed myself to get the kids working around the house ever since they were toddlers. They still often complain and I can still do a better job but they have become such a great help and company for me. The best thing is that most of the time they have so much fun doing it. Here is a Saturday morning with my five helpers getting some chores done. Continue reading