An afternoon with the Leathams

Spent a wonderful afternoon at a farm a few weeks ago with the Leathams – Tim, Billie and their three happy and energetic girls. The day was a typical Saturday afternoon for them, relaxed and fun, a few odd jobs and lots of playing. They finished the day off with a picnic up at the rock at the top of the farm. My job was to document their afternoon, capturing these precious everyday moments of their lives that can be so easily taken for granted. Continue reading

Here With You

Each year I create a big photobook for the family, they love it. The children can spend hours just looking at all the photos and reminiscing. The only problem with these books is there is somebody missing – me. I am in a few photos here and there, but mostly I am absent because I was the one behind the camera. Every other aspect of my children’s lives have been documented except their relationship to me. As their mother I am a massive part of their lives so need to be in their story too. Continue reading

1000 days

Today marks a big milestone for me, 1000 days ago on the first day of January 2013, I began a 365 project and I haven’t stopped. I have been taking photos every single day for 1000 days. When I began I had a one year old, now that baby is four and a half. Two full 365 projects and 270 days of the third. Continue reading

A Winter’s Evening at the Beach

One of my favourite things is going to the beach on a clam day. It is so beautiful, relaxing and uplifting. On this day I went down to the beach with just my two youngest. It was a freezing cold day (hence the jackets) yet the water was so calm and inviting. It was like glass. We had the whole beach to ourselves. They paddled around in the water, looking for shells below the surface. They got very wet in the process. It always amazes me how tough kids are with water, I was cold standing on the beach taking photos of them. They told me that they were nice and warm (probably because if they told me they were cold I might decide to go home). Their hands and feet were bright red and numb but we had the most wonderful and relaxing time there. Continue reading

Making Sock Monkeys

My eldest daughter has always loved everything crafty. She goes through every craft book and does all the projects. Lately she has enjoyed making sock monkeys. I have been buying more socks for her to cut up and stitch back together than I do for her actually wear. This monkey she is making for her friend’s birthday. I took these photos to capture my sweet creative girl busy at work. Continue reading