30 Minutes in the Life | February 2017

When visiting their grandparents, almost every evening at some stage a few cousins gather together for a little stroll down the driveway to unwind for the day. This evening was after a particularly hot day so it was nice to be out when the sun was not so intense. Grandpa had over-watered his fruit trees which made nice puddles to ride through. trike-2trike-3trike-4trike-5trike-6trike-7trike-8trike-9trike-10trike-11trike-12trike-13trike-14trike-15trike-17

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Adventures at Lake Tyrrell

Whenever we visit my parents, my Dad likes to take us on at least one adventure to somewhere special. We loaded up three carloads of cousins late one Sunday afternoon and headed out from Boort just over an hour away to an amazing place near the quiet Mallee town of Sea Lake. Our destination was Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s latest salt lake. It was very typical Mallee summer weather, even though it was about 7pm, it was still 37ºC and the flies were thick. It didn’t slow the children down though, as soon as they saw the vastness of the pink salt lake, they were off exploring! We finished the evening with a picnic dinner on the lake and a special treat of yabbies from the back of Grandpa’s car.laketyrrelllaketyrrell-2laketyrrell-3laketyrrell-4laketyrrell-5laketyrrell-6laketyrrell-7laketyrrell-8laketyrrell-9laketyrrell-10laketyrrell-11laketyrrell-12laketyrrell-13laketyrrell-14laketyrrell-15laketyrrell-16laketyrrell-17laketyrrell-18laketyrrell-19laketyrrell-20laketyrrell-21laketyrrell-22laketyrrell-23laketyrrell-24laketyrrell-25laketyrrell-26laketyrrell-27laketyrrell-28

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30 Minutes in the Life | October

This is the sad story about a little dead honeyeater we found in the main street of town. It was just laying there freshly dead on the footpath, the ants and flies hadn’t even found it yet. We didn’t see it die but we assumed that it had banged its head into the window above. Despite the fact it was dead, it was perfect. It was a white plumed honeyeater, we see and hear them in often in plants eating from the flowers but it was extra special to see one so close and hold it. My kids studied every detail, the wings, the feathers, the beak, the feet and the strange tongue. They treated it with such care. My girls asked if they could keep it as a pet forever. Obviously dead birds, no matter how beautiful, can’t be kept as pets for very long. Instead we bought it back to Grandma’s house for a burial. A few months ago they buried a little zebra finch at the end of Grandpa’s orchard and they decided to bury this one in the same place. Their bird cemetery. A hole was dug, flowers were picked and words were said. A perfect unplanned homeschool lesson, they learned more than any textbook could ever teach.dead-bird-1dead-bird-2dead-bird-3Please continue through the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle and head over here and see Cindy Cavanagh‘s 30 minutes.

The Treehouse | A Local Outing

We live right near a flora and fauna reserve and one of our favourite local outings is a quiet walk through the bush to the reserve for a play in the treehouse that they have made. They built the treehouse several months ago and surprisingly it is still standing. Sometimes the best things are the most simple.the-treehouse-1the-treehouse-2

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30 Minutes in the Life | September

Recently we just happened to have the unique opportunity to visit our old house briefly. It has almost been two years since we moved from this house. I can’t believe how much I missed this place. It was a strange feeling returning. It was like we went back in time two years. The girls went straight to the cubby and played their old games with the snails and their dolls just like they used to. Even all our old toys were still in there waiting for us. Bought back so many wonderful memories.  The kids seemed to completely forget that we don’t live there anymore – my youngest daughter when she was lost in the game she was playing went to the house door and said “I’m just going inside to get something … Oh… we don’t live here”. My children have really missed the old cubby house and the hundreds of snails that garden had to offer. So thankful for this brief visit that allowed us go back in time two years and reliving some beautiful memories.


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Winter at Seaford Beach

This day was an amazing winter’s day. Not a breath of wind and beautifully sunny. Quite a contrast to the bleak, wet and windy days we have been having. We made the most of it and headed down to our favourite local place – Seaford Beach. I told the children it would be too far cold to go in the water and they can just play on the sand. They paid no attention because as soon as they saw how glassy the water looked and that the tide was out, they HAD to go in. They rolled up their pants and waded about. I was even tempted to have a wade. My youngest never does things by halves. If she goes in the water it has to be all the way. As the sun almost set, the others left the water because their feet were numb but she just got wetter and splashed even more. She had the most wonderful time out there until the moment she stopped and realised just how cold she actually was. We all went home numb and shivering but feeling completely revived by our beautiful winter afternoon at Seaford Beach. Continue reading