30 Minutes in the Life | February 2017

When visiting their grandparents, almost every evening at some stage a few cousins gather together for a little stroll down the driveway to unwind for the day. This evening was after a particularly hot day so it was nice to be out when the sun was not so intense. Grandpa had over-watered his fruit trees which made nice puddles to ride through. trike-2trike-3trike-4trike-5trike-6trike-7trike-8trike-9trike-10trike-11trike-12trike-13trike-14trike-15trike-17

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30 Minutes in the Life | October

This is the sad story about a little dead honeyeater we found in the main street of town. It was just laying there freshly dead on the footpath, the ants and flies hadn’t even found it yet. We didn’t see it die but we assumed that it had banged its head into the window above. Despite the fact it was dead, it was perfect. It was a white plumed honeyeater, we see and hear them in often in plants eating from the flowers but it was extra special to see one so close and hold it. My kids studied every detail, the wings, the feathers, the beak, the feet and the strange tongue. They treated it with such care. My girls asked if they could keep it as a pet forever. Obviously dead birds, no matter how beautiful, can’t be kept as pets for very long. Instead we bought it back to Grandma’s house for a burial. A few months ago they buried a little zebra finch at the end of Grandpa’s orchard and they decided to bury this one in the same place. Their bird cemetery. A hole was dug, flowers were picked and words were said. A perfect unplanned homeschool lesson, they learned more than any textbook could ever teach.dead-bird-1dead-bird-2dead-bird-3Please continue through the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle and head over here and see Cindy Cavanagh‘s 30 minutes.

30 Minutes in the Life | July 2016

For this month’s 30 Minutes in the Life we are enjoying a wintery afternoon at the Granites with my family. Just 20 minutes from the town I grew up in Northern Victoria, I visited this place as a child many times but now that I have moved away I appreciate it so much more. It is one of my children’s favourite place to explore and I take them here each time we go back to visit my family. Continue reading

30 Minutes in the Life | February 2016

Fun at the beach with just my four old and myself. With five kids quite close in age, it is not that often that I find myself with only one. My middle three were at an after school club and while we waited for the time to pick them up, we went for a quick trip to the beach. My eldest came to the beach too but she went out deeper with her dad, so it was just the two of us left on the shore. We splashed in the waves, rolled in the sand, climbed the rocks and looked for treasure under the pier. An energy-filled 30 minutes. Continue reading