Adventures at Lake Tyrrell

Whenever we visit my parents, my Dad likes to take us on at least one adventure to somewhere special. We loaded up three carloads of cousins late one Sunday afternoon and headed out from Boort just over an hour away to an amazing place near the quiet Mallee town of Sea Lake. Our destination was Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s latest salt lake. It was very typical Mallee summer weather, even though it was about 7pm, it was still 37ºC and the flies were thick. It didn’t slow the children down though, as soon as they saw the vastness of the pink salt lake, they were off exploring! We finished the evening with a picnic dinner on the lake and a special treat of yabbies from the back of Grandpa’s car.laketyrrelllaketyrrell-2laketyrrell-3laketyrrell-4laketyrrell-5laketyrrell-6laketyrrell-7laketyrrell-8laketyrrell-9laketyrrell-10laketyrrell-11laketyrrell-12laketyrrell-13laketyrrell-14laketyrrell-15laketyrrell-16laketyrrell-17laketyrrell-18laketyrrell-19laketyrrell-20laketyrrell-21laketyrrell-22laketyrrell-23laketyrrell-24laketyrrell-25laketyrrell-26laketyrrell-27laketyrrell-28

To keep following through this blog circle, click here to see Amanda Jane Dalby‘s post, where you will find some cool underwater photos.


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